Bob Lewit(left), Trustee Capital District presenting banner and installing Steve Simmons as Captial Division16 Lieutenant Governer.

The Christiansburg Kiwanis Club, currently has 64 members and is the largest Club in Division 16 of the Capital District.

In addition to the financial support provided, this year the club members provided 4,113 hours of volunteer service to our local community supporting the activities described below and some others not listed.

Twenty-one Kiwanis members had perfect meeting attendance for the year.

Most of this years’ programs are recurring and geared to the support children in our local community.

Some of those provided this year include:

1. The Head Start Backpack Program-Each Thursday, just prior to each Club weekly meeting, Kiwanis members meet at the Head Start building and pack 54 backpacks for the Head Start children. The school’s meals program provides food for the children during the week days and the Kiwanis Backpack Program provides food during the weekend. In support of this program, members procure, inventory, store the food and pack the bags.

2. Two Walmart gift cards, in the amount of $550 ($500 from the Kiwanis Club and $50 from Walmart), were provided to the 7 schools in Christiansburg. These cards are used to buy needed clothing and school supplies for children who cannot afford to buy their own. Once the cards begin to reach a low balance, the Club replaces them upon request from the schools. Before this program was introduced, often teachers and other staff members would personally pay for these needed items.

3. Three $1,000 dollar college scholarship were awarded to Christiansburg High School students who needed support for their continuing education.

4. A Christmas party for approximately 60 children is held annually, normally the Club and members provide toys and clothing with Santa distributing both at a party. Food and drinks are provided for the children and their chaperones. The pandemic effected the Christmas Party in 2021, rather than a party, the gifts were picked up by the children at the Christiansburg Recreation Center. The names of the children who participate in the party are based on need and are selected by the teachers from Christiansburg’s schools. Using input from the children’s parents, as to needs and sizes of the clothing, each Club members takes a child’s name and buys clothing. The Club funds toys from a want list supplied by the children’s parents. This past year the total cost to the members and Club exceeded $11,000.

5. For children who cannot afford the entry fees to participate in sports at the Christiansburg Recreation Center and the Aquatic Center, Kiwanis pays the cost.

6. The Club provides annual support in the form of financing and volunteer assistance to Kiwanis Park where an approximately five-acre expansion is currently under way.

7. Other cash contributions, not mentioned above, were made to: Agency on Aging $2,000; Intellectual Disabilities Agency of NRV $2,000, Sleep in Heavenly Peace $1,000, Montgomery County Department of Social Services $614, CHS cheerleaders $1,500 and several more.

8. As a part of the Club’s outreach program to provide support to the youth of the local community, a partnership was formed with the Montgomery County Social Services to provide supplies needed to support the youth and elders served by the agency.

9.. Provided football programs for CHS and financial support to the CHS cheerleading squad.

10. Co-sponsored by suppling labor and purchasing prizes for the Town of Christiansburg’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

11. Provided labor to the Montgomery Museum’s Heritage Day event, Sleep in Heavenly Peace and others.

Kiwanis is the promoter of the Wilderness Trail Festival which is not only the Club’s largest fund-raising Project; but, the largest downtown event in Christiansburg drawing an estimated crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 attendees.

Sources of Club income is derived from community fund raisers, donations, and grants. All such income goes into the service account and 100% is funneled back into the local community, with most going to support youth activities. All administrative costs, including meeting meals, are paid for by the members’ personal dues.

Kiwanis is a global organization of members. clubs and partners who are dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. The Kiwanis Club of Christiansburg has provided service to our local community since its charter was granted in 1949.

Left to right. Dan Fite, Kiwanian of the Year recipient and Kelley Olsen, Immediate Past President 

Cub members getting ready to distribute the presents for the children at the 2021 Children's Christiansburg Party. 

Welcome to The Kiwanis Club of Christiansburg, VA

2021 - 2022 Kiwanis Annual meeting

Officers installed; from left to right: Mark Cox, Treasurer; Gary Morris, President; Dan Fite, Vice President; Kelley Olsen, Immediate Past President and Bruce Board, Assistant Secretary