Roger Adkins

Kevin Altizer

Dick Ballengee

Mike Barber

Jonathan Beasley

Clay Blevins

Bruce Board

Courtney Bosworth

Greg Boyer

Curtis Brown

Dan Canada

Dubby Charlton

Dale Clark

Mark Cox

Ken Cranford

Warren Fenton

Benny Hagy

Brandice Hartsock

Dennis Hunter

Steve Knowles

George Kuhn

Mike Larkin

Bob Lewit

Tommy Loflin

Robert Mash

Julia McCracken

Teddy McCracken



Officers & Directors

President:                            Carlton Sutphin

Vice President:                    Steve Simmons

Secretary:                            Teddy McCracken

Assistant Secretary:             Steve Simmons

Treasurer:                            Jonathan Beasley

Assistant Treasurer:            George Kuhn

Immediate Past President:  Bob Lewit

Bob Lewit, the immediate past president, was selected as the Kiwanian of the Year. Bob was the first member to serve two consecutive terms as President of the Christiansburg Club. Under his leadership, the Club continued to grow in membership, the service account continued to increase, meeting attendance improved, and he provided exceptional leadership for the Club. Bob is a retired Air Force veteran and his currently employed by Moog as a Program Manager in Blacksburg.

Ernie Wade was presented with a Legion of Honor certificate for 40 years of service in the club.


Gary Morris

John Neel

Woody Nester

Kelley Olsen

Jo Lynn Price

Steve Rhodes

Bryan Rice

Harry Richardson

Jeff Roberts

Joel Rollison

Thom Rutledge, Jr.

Steve Semones

Steve Simmons

Carlton Sutphin

Joel Sutphin

Jim Trixler

James Vanhoozier

Ernie Wade

Chip Warren

Chris Williams

Keith Weltens

Paul Wheeling

Glenn Wilson

Gene Winters

John Wood

Roger Woolwine

List of Current Officers:

Pictured: (left to right) Steve Simmons, George Kuhn, Teddy McCracken, Carlton Sutphin, Bob Lewit, and Jonathan Beasley

Board of Directors:

List of Current Members:

Welcome to The Kiwanis Club of Christiansburg
Term Expiring 2017:

Curtis Brown

Ken Cranford

Steve Knowles

Ernie Wade

Term Expiring 2019:

Bruce Board

Gary Morris

Woody Nester

Kelley Olsen